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Welcome to my Holland! A country known for its cheese, cows, polders and so much more! I am 33 years old I am living close to Amsterdam (IJmuiden), between the green countryside and the shiny tulip fields I like to travel through my country since I really love culture, history and Dutch habits.

It’s my pleasure to tell you everything about our colourful culture, our rich history and some interesting facts of the Netherlands that you never thought about.

I will take you to those picturesque places which you don’t want to miss.
Come with me and let me surprise you and maybe you feel yourself like a real Dutchman (or woman) during one of these wonderful excursions.

Nice to meet you! My name is Juliette and I am one of the tour guides for the live guided coach tours of TourCompany.
I started working for this organisation in the summer of 2015.

In the beginning of my career I worked 5 years as a tour guide in the north of Spain (Barcelona area) and after my return to the Netherlands I kept working in the tourism industry (Tourist Information Office and travel agencies) I started working again as a tour guide (my first love) and I am pleased to show you all the sites and tell you about my own little country: The Netherlands!

Hope to see you soon!

I am Eveline and I am a guide for already 12 years! It’s my pleasure to show you my lovely country. For me North-Holland is the prettiest province of the Netherlands. It varies from polders to sea to the big lake (Ijsselmeer)  and to beautiful old villages.

I’m Amsterdam citizen so let me enlighten you about  the city its unique character and I will teach you the local history and culture, and give you insider’s tips about what to do and where to go.

Hi, I am Bram, born and bred in Amsterdam and a proud citizen of the Netherlands. When you join me you will discover our country, its history and marvels.I will take you on an unforgettable adventure and a super smooth ride.

Please come and join me on one of our small group tours.

My name is Harold. I hope you will have a good time in Holland. For several years I have worked as a guide in different countries in Europe like  Austria, Croatia, France, Spain, and of course Holland.  I am a citizen of The Hague and I would love to tell you the local history and culture of Holland with its cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Gouda, The Hague,  Zaandam  etc.

There is a lot to see in Holland. I hope to see you soon !

I am a world citizen. Born and raised in Bulgaria with Austrian ancestors I have worked and traveled around the world since the age of nineteen, which by now would be almost half of my lifetime on Earth.

One day along came “Mr. Right”, a real Dutch guy who stole my heart. As the story goes: “Home is where your heart is” and “They lived happily ever after”, I fell in love with the Netherlands, its ever green fields, beautiful clouds and wide coastlines. I am one of the rare cases who actually work what they have studied for.

I am proud to call the Netherlands my home, and I would love to share some of our best kept secrets with you. Let’s go for a ride and have a lovely time in beautiful Netherlands.