COVID-19 pandemic information - The Tour Company

COVID-19 pandemic information

Tour Company has missed you!

Some measurements have been lifted, which means that the tourism and all the other sectors are able to spread their wings again. On the 13th of March, we were forced to shut our doors in order fight the Coronavirus outbreak. To avoid our health care systems from being overloaded extraordinary and unprecedented measures – both economic and social – had to be taken. Luckily, these measures were successful in terms of containing the virus and the COVID-19 pandemic is slowing down. As a consequence the government has started with a phased and gradual easing of the restrictions. Currently, at least six of the Netherlands’ Ministries are working on a protocol to ensure that tourism in the country can restart and run smoothly, despite the coronavirus.

Our community has been through a rough period of time, the outbreak has caused a lot of uncertainty and a lot of ‘what ifs’ have been exchanged. The government has dropped some of the strict measurements and our country is slowly blossoming into the lively country that we used to know. It seems to be going into the right direction! That’s all thanks to taking our responsibility as citizens. We have to stay united and let the outbreak reach its end.

Last Monday, June 1st, we have re-opened our doors again, which means our tours are able to operate! But of course, Tour Company will follow the strict rules and measurements of the National Institute for Public Health and the Enivornment.
All of our tours will be operating, except the tours: Half Day tour to Cheese Market Alkmaar + all the combinations.

During quarantine we have been working extremely hard to ensure we are able to do this in a manner where the health of all parties involved is paramount. The following precautions are taken by our company for our customers and our own safety:
– Hand sanitizers à Disinfectant will be available on the bus
– Extra cleaning à The busses will cleaned thoroughly after every tour
– Strict guides à Social distancing will be respected by our guides at all times, meaning they will keep a distance of 1,5m between themselves and other people.

Moreover, we ask all of our customers to bring their own face mask! Each person must wear a face mask on the excursions! We also ask our customers to attain to the rules of social distancing and keep a distance of 1,5m to others.

Our company will oblige by the strict rules and measurements of the Dutch government and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.